Monday, January 20, 2014

Entering a Fashion Show Competition 2014

This is what I got in the e-mail.

CLEAR fashion Ltd is dedicated to creating community by supporting community. It is our desire to celebrate and showcase your talent, see our local fashion community unite and thrive in our area, and create the opportunity for you to stand in the forefront and be the trendsetters of today and the fashion leaders of tomorrow!!! 

  CLEAR fashion Ltd is proud to announce our first annual Okanagan Fashion Show held in June 2014! We will be recreating our version of Project Runway where the selected designers will have an opportunity to show their collection on the runway in our 3 day event. More info regarding will take place on:Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 6pm.

Please bring to leave with us a current portfolio containing:

  • a photo and bio of yourself
  • photos of 3 outfits you've created
  • a short explanation that defines your style
Please also bring 2 models dressed:
  • in the best depiction of how you see yourself as an artist (model a)
  • an outfit that is you-inspired for Spring (model b)
Thank you all for joining in the fun as we aspire to showcase the best fashion the Okanagan has ever seen!!!!

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