Monday, June 10, 2013

Please help this young Traditional Fancy Dancer find her Traditional outfit!!!

A Cree powwow dancer is desperate for the return of her gear after a suitcase fell out of her pick-up truck Saturday.

Roberta Kakinoosit was about to drive to a powwow in Peace River in northwest Alberta when the suitcase slipped out the open tailgate of her truck in her Edmonton neighbourhood.

The suitcase contained intricately-beaded moccasins, leggings, capes and dresses, valued at $4,000.

On Sunday, she found the empty suitcase near one of the signs she had put up in her neighbourhood.

"Everything in there means a lot. One of the most important things out of everything in there was my feathers," she told CBC News.

The black-tipped eagle feathers were given to her as recognition of her work as a dancer.

Whoever found the regalia could not realize what the items mean to her, she said.

Dancing gives her the strength to battle her addictions, Kakinoosit said.

"It's part of healing so everytime I put my gear on and I dance it's prayer and I pray for myself, I pray for my family."


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